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Meet Team Sales

We are key account managers, sales experts, marketing people, advisors, customer supporters and course administrators with a passion is to deliver the best solution for your needs.

Team Sales

At Trainor we work closely together with our customers to identify their needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for a standard course or something completely tailored to your company’s needs, our highly qualified people will use their decades of experience to help you, always deeply committed to deliver the best solution possible.

We get triggered, rather than exhausted by long days writing contracts, offers, meeting customers or by the telephone. That’s simply because our mission is to grow the business together with our customers, provide other Trainor teams with feedback on needs and requirements in the market, an ensure that Trainor evolves to the best for our customers.

To cover a wide range of needs, we recognize the importance of a varied background. In Team Sales, we have experience from Ex, automation, machinery, maritime, logistics and of course electrical engineering.

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Meet the leadership

As our Chief Commercial Officer, Morten Aasen is responsible for all commercial activities in Trainor Group.

Morten Aasen

Morten Aasen
Chief Commercial Officer
Phone: +47 905 97 194

It is about listening, guiding and giving advice to our customers. It's about competence that we can offer this through e-learning, Webinar and traditional classroom courses. Great diversity provides our customers with flexible solutions for their development.

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Rolf Kinck Key Account Manager