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DNV has long recognized Trainor’s high-quality, professional, and extensive knowledge transfer services for many years with Trainor’s Hazardous Area Fundamentals classroom course being a core component of our internal training program for colleagues. Minimizing our environmental impact from travel and maximizing efficiency of team deployment is an active challenge for DNV and the industry – balancing the need for high quality knowledge transfer in safety critical topics with the economic and environmental impact of classroom learning. Trainor’s new eLearning courses provide a unique accessibility and competitiveness that was previously unavailable in the market. We were especially impressed with the completeness of the training content, modular approach, and production quality. DNV endorses the Trainor Hazardous Area courses and standardized Trainor eLearning content for the internal training of its employees, as well as the primary commercial training offered to customers and the wider industry.

Bjørn Richard Spongsveen Global Technical Manager, PA Industrial


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Learn wherever you are, whenever you can. From increasing knowledge, keeping your workers safe and adding value to your business
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No travel expenses. Efficient learning. 1 hour of eLearning can substitute 3 hours of classroom learning.


Meet your ESG standards. Learn where you are. Do less harm on the environment. Create safe work place.

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The most engaging eLearning available. Prevents knowledge fading. Replicates real life events and situations.

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Trainor is market leading within eLearning and safety training. 40 years of experience with electrical safety and hazardous area safety, together with 20 years of making the most engaging eLearning courses, has made us a well established EdTech company and a trusted partner of acclaimed Norwegian, Nordic and international enterprises in a wide range of fields.

  • Approved as Recognized Training Provider (RTP) by IECEx.
  • Member of industry organizations NK 31, NFEA, IECEx, PCC, WG and more.
  • Preferred provider of eLearning courses for professionals.
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At CompEx, we are always striving to make learning and assessment as engaging and relevant as possible for learners. Results from our industry research tell us that eLearning has already become an important part of training and development for employers. Customers are really clear that eLearning will continue to play a significant role in managing competency. That’s why we are working with Trainor to ensure that employers and their staff have access to best-in-class eLearning. Critically this eLearning supports and enhances the practical training and assessment delivered by our network of over 60 highly experienced training providers.

Huw Bement CompEx Director
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Two person work with workwear, helmet and iPad

Ex Fundamentals

Explosions do best on film. At work, you want to be safe. Nevertheless, accidents can happen, especially if you perform electrical work in an Ex area. Are you an electrical worker or have employees who are to perform work in hazardous areas? What do you need to know to do the job without putting yourself or others at risk? Learn it and even more in our new course - Ex basics for electrical professionals.

4.6 out of 5
Price: from 620€
Safe behavior in hazardous areas

Safe Behavior in Hazardous Areas

Learn how to work safely in Ex areas. The authorities require documented training in explosion prevention for all who enter Ex areas.

4.7 out of 5
Price: from 205€
Person confused about ex markings

Ex Markings

Does your company sometimes work in potentially hazardous areas? Is the equipment you're using certified for where it's being used? Ex-equipment markings can be confusing, but ex marking is an area where it's vital your company stays updated. This is why we have created a course explaining the markings on Ex equipment in a way than can easily be understood.

4.7 out of 5
Price: from 95€