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We are engineers, technical experts, designers, instructors, developers, animators, educators, creators, writers, communicators and filmmakers who are committed to making a safer world by offering the best possible training for professionals. Together, we create high impact eLearning and cutting edge training solutions for all your safety needs that keep people, the environment and assets safe.

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Game-changing eLearning

Trainor is a market leading EdTech company with an established track record in eLearning and safety training. We have over 40 years of experience in electrical safety and Ex safety, and have been producing engaging, impactful learning solutions for 20 years. We are a trusted partner of acclaimed numerous Norwegian, Nordic and international enterprises operating in a wide range of industries.

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Training for professionals. By professionals.

We're closely connected to industry. We can leverage our knowledge and experience of the day-to-day challenges and issues faced by our customers to create courses and situations that are relevant and relatable to their operating personnel.

40 years of safeguarding lives and protecting assets

We've been involved in training professionals based offshore and onshore for more than 40 years. We launched our first eLearning course in 1996 – one of the very first companies to deliver this type of training to market. We now bring the two worlds of traditional learning and digital learning together, combining them in smart training solutions that meet the needs of workers across the energy industry.

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Trainor established by 11 founders who were driven by a passion for keeping people safe at work.

e-learning course delivered on Floppy Disk

Trainor delivers its first eLearning course on Floppy Disk: FSE, or SL91 as it was called at that time.

Training for professionals

First version of trainor.no website is launched, allowing users to complete FSE and Ex basic courses via the company's learning management system.

Industry picture Oil and gas

Delivered eLearning to Norway's largest industry project at all times (offshore).

Ipad Take courses anywhere

elearning of the future: Creation of the 3D universe “Electri City”, using the gaming platform Unreal Engine as a tool to recreate authentic work environments.

Elkomp 2017 VR Lab

Opening of Trainor virtual reality studio, along with the launch of Trainor App offering courses online and offline, course diplomas, documentation, tools and safety card.

CEO Stian Martinsen and Chairman Peter Svarrer

Trainor secures investment from EV Private Equity.

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A new era: setting new standards of safety training. Trainor gains a new digital profile with the acquisition of Teknikutbildarna i Norden in Sweden.

Working on ex equipment

Launch of Trainor's Fundamentals of Hazardous Areas eLearning courses, giving companies a new way to work safely.

Trainor Group

Trainor is an internationally recognised education technology company taking safety training to new levels. We provide training services, digital learning solutions and technical consultancy to offshore, maritime and onshore industries worldwide.

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We have a value proposition that plays to the global electrification agenda, enhances technical competence and increases safety by significantly reducing the risk of hazardous incidents in workplace, all whilst delivering on our ESG sustainable development goals.

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Stian Martinsen Chief Executive Officer

Our team

Our team has unrivalled sector knowledge, technical competence and industry experience that we leverage to create exceptional safety-critical training. The team’s experience spans across a variety of disciplines - electro-engineering, automation, gaming technology, education, offshore, system development, battery technology, film making, script writing, rules and regulations, VR technology, 3D design, user experience, sales, corporate development, and project management to name but a few. Together, we combine to create a unique learning experience.

We are hiring
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We’re embedding key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments into our company strategy to create long term value for our customers and the health and safety industry.

Our values


Some call it being creative or innovative. We call it being courageous. Courage is not about seeking or taking unnecessary risks. For us, it's about daring to think differently, saying what we mean and doing what we believe in.


Being collaborative is about caring. Paying attention. Meeting needs. That's why we're close to customers, partners, industry organisations and authorities. We're committed to safety, giving solid professional perspectives and developing digital solutions that address industry's challenges.


Those who are curious are interested. Interest leads to new solutions, a long-term outlook and developing innovative approaches to do more for our customers, our industries and our planet.

Latest news

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New collaboration with IKM Instrutek

-IKM Instrutek is a significant company in Norway, and it is a great recognition that they choose us as a supplier of training services, says Rolf Kinck, Senior Key Account Manager at Trainor.

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Are to deliver training to Equinor for at least five new years

- A responsibility we take very seriously, says Trond Løfqvist in Trainor. The ed-tech company has signed a new framework agreement with Equinor

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Trainor signs agreement with UL Solutions to provide eLearning training courses for working in hazardous environments

A huge acknowledgment, said CCO Morten Aasen, as Trainors eLearning courses for Ex training are to be available globally through the UL Solutions virtual training website.

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2 new Ex safety courses for the petroleum industry

- The courses have been created in close collaboration with reference persons from the petroleum industry and are relevant both for offshore installations and onshore facilities, says Trond Løfqvist in Trainor. Trainor launches 2 new e-learning courses specially adapted to the petroleum industry.

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Ocean Technologies Group and Trainor partner to improve the safety of seafarers working with potential explosion hazards

- Launching 4 new DNV recognized and award-winning courses on safety in or near hazardous or explosive areas (Ex areas).

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Trainor partner with CompEx

Trainor has partnered with the certification body CompEx to develop a cutting-edge library of e-learning for workers in hazardous areas. - A great acknowledgement of the next generation e-learning we make at Trainor, says Chief Commercial Officer Morten Aasen.

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Trainor among top 3 winners at the International E-learning Awards

Trainor was awarded a bronze prize in the category E-learning experience during The Learning Ideas Conference in New York earlier this summer. - Incredibly fun, says Sales Manager Morten Aasen and Head of Learning Experience, Amanda Westrum van Til.

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Training requirements for NOR/NIS registered vessels: New course applies for all battery types

Trainor launches new course to meet the training requirements for NOR / NIS registered vessels. The course applies for all battery systems, says Nikolai Øvrevold in Trainor. He estimates that all machine and electrical personnel will need training.


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