Committed to the highest sustainability standards

We’re embedding key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments into our
company strategy to create long-term value for our customers and the health and safety industry.


Sustainability is reflected in our core values


We dare to challenge ourselves, our business, and the wider industry in the drive for a better world.


We stay close to industry, customers, and authorities, offering solid professional perspectives and digital solutions that address challenges. We do all of this with our sights set on a more sustainable world.


We seek new solutions, methods and knowledge, and test new ideas that can improve learning and reduce carbon footprints.

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We care about people and environment

As an industry leader in delivering digital learning that can be completed on a device anytime, anywhere, we reduce the need for people to travel to training centres. Our ever-expanding portfolio of eLearning courses and webinars also allows us to cut our own carbon footprint, with less requirement for our trainers to travel. When travel is required, our flights are climate-compensated, so our environmental impacts contribute to cutting emissions elsewhere.

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Employees have a safe and secure working environment in Trainor, and they also have a good time at social gatherings outside of work

A tightly-knit team

Our people are responsible for our success. We attract sharp minds, innovators and creative thinkers who remain with Trainor for many years. Our staff retention rate* says everything about the positive working environment and culture that we have created at Trainor. We believe that when people thrive and have fun at work, they perform better and productivity is enhanced, and we understand that a work-life balance is critical to mental and physical health. Trainor’s people respect each other, care about one another, and treat each other like family.
*0% turnover in 2021

We get involved socially in the local community

We get involved socially in the local community

In recent years, we have supported UNICEF’s campaign to roll out the Covid-19 vaccine globally, and a wide range of charities working in local communities in support of health and social issues:

  • UNICEF World Gifts: Covid-19 vaccines
  • The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation
  • Kirkens Bymisjon Tønsberg
  • "Sykehustrikserne" at the local hospital
  • Revolve NTNU
  • Trio - local dance event for people with disability in Tønsberg
We get involved socially in the local community
Engineers without borders

Proud to be Company members

Through our company membership, we support Engineers Without Borders Norway in their vision of “Technology and humanitarian engineering for a sustainable and just world”. We are proud to contribute for the UN Sustainability goals and encourage more companies to join!

A helping hand to Ukraine

Photo: Elena Mozhvilo from Unsplash

A helping hand to Ukraine

The difficult world situation can make us all feel powerless. Although no one can do everything, everyone can do something. We have made a donation of NOK 500 – the equivalent of around 50 Euros – on behalf of every employee in Trainor Group to the Red Cross' humanitarian work in Ukraine.

We encourage more businesses to contribute what they can. The easiest way is to do it here:

A helping hand to Ukraine

Photo: Elena Mozhvilo from Unsplash

T cut green

Committing to sustainability is an exciting challenge. The term ‘sustainability’ is wide ranging, and continuous focus is needed to achieve long-term goals. Every day we work to break it down into concrete measures and identify areas where we can make a difference. You can really feel the company-wide commitment among our employees and the willingness from our team to challenge each other every day to achieve bigger goals. I am immensely proud of how far we’ve come and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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Eva Nordskog Head of Communications, HR and ESG

Our goals



  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions by reducing business travel in connection with training, courses and meetings
  • Significantly reduce the risk of incidents with environmentally hazardous consequences
  • Reduce carbon footprints through energy efficiency, recycling and incentives for greener transport choices
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  • Healthy balance between work and private life
  • High job satisfaction and happy employees
  • Support for local environmental measures and social purposes
Business ethics


  • Formally and through action promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace
  • Implement and communicate best practices AML, ABC and ethical guidelines
  • Promote policies for equality and equal opportunities for employees
Business ethics

UNs sustainability goals

We recognize and commit ourselves to actively working for the UN's sustainability goals.
The eight sustainability goals we contribute the most to are:

Good health and well-being
Quality education
Affordable and clean energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Partnerships for the goals
Eva Nordskog

Press contact - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS

Eva Nordskog

Head of Communications, HR and ESG

Phone: +47 908 755 44