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We are system developers, designers, user experience experts, IT experts and webmasters that specialize in developing high quality, secure back-end systems with intuitive front-end platforms.

Team Digital

Have you ever thought about what happens when you click "buy" on a website? What is needed from a system to deliver 100,000 courses a year? How to best inform about a classroom course or how to keep track of the company's courses and competences as easily as possible without throwing the PC out the window in frustration? This is something Team Digital thinks about every day, all year long.

The variety of different people creates a unique environment that can just as easily arrange running competitions such as chess tournaments or tailor-made escape rooms.

Together they make everything you do not necessarily think about when the course you are going to take dumps into your inbox. All Trainor websites and course management systems have been created in-house for many years. First, everything that is created through our designers and user experience experts. What is the most optimal solution for the user? Flowcharts, sketches and user surveys are reviewed and end up in a detailed solution proposal with the user in focus.

The developers of Team Digital are passionate about good code. Not just on each individual page or function, but the broad outlines of how systems are connected and which technology is best suited to the task. This creates lightning-fast systems with a sea of ​​features, all based on user-friendly design.

Team Digital develops and maintains a modern LMS, CMS, security card system, control and measurement system, several apps and much more. All the support tools needed for companies to have a safe everyday life, easier.

Meet the leadership

Vidar is a leader for Trainor's system developers and UX group.

Vidar Teigen

Vidar Teigen
Team Leader Digital
Phone: +47 913 83 027

Not many companies have such a large in-house digital department as wide as Trainor. Getting involved from the idea stage to launching a solution is something I really appreciate.

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Ciara Cao UX designer