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Meet Team Finance & Administration

We are customer service people, financial experts, finance people, business analysts and internal control experts. You meet some of us at the reception when you come to the course, or on the phone when you are wondering about something. We are close to both customers, Trainor people and the other Trainor teams every day.

Team Finance & Administration

What does it really take to run a company like Trainor? Yes, in addition to all the good work and innovation that takes place in the various Trainor teams, we are dependent on a strong administration that sews it all together. People who keep order in the Excel sheets, who make sure that we do not just get paid in heaven. Which invoices customers and ensures that we pay our suppliers on time. Who packs and sends course materials, prepares course rooms, answers support phones and e-mails. Which provides first aid courses and firefighting exercises for all our employees, drums together a party every now and then, ensures that we can eat healthy and good lunch every day, and which constantly challenges us to operate better, more efficiently, more profitable and constantly business ethics.

We may not be the ones shouting the loudest or sticking out in the media, but we work all the harder in the back, for the customers to be happy, for the employees to feel good, and for the business to run smoothly!

Picture of Charlotte Solvang Ølstørn from the front desk

Meet the leadership

Camilla is Team Leader for our Finance & Administration team, and part of the management team.

Camilla Nyberg
Head of Finance
Phone: +47 982 64 377

Quality is our guideline and our pride. Everything we do must be done well, efficiently and not least safely!

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Ingunn Stensgård HSEQ coordinator