Management systems


The best learning requires elite systems

For more than 20 years we have been developing and maintaining our proprietary learning management system (LMS) as a platform for our market-leading training courses. The whole end-to-end process from course development to management is performed from our user-friendly systems, created with the needs of industry in mind.

By operating our own LMS and framework, we can quickly respond to market demand. We’re never dependent on other priorities or vendors, and the security of our customer information and data is never compromised. We have full control over our products, allowing us to observe the highest privacy and security standards.

Connect to existing workflows

Our solutions can integrate with most HR systems, and offer a general API connection. This seamless integration allows HR and training managers to save time and resource by automatically synchronising employee data with Trainor's proprietary LMS.

We deliver our courses on Remote SCORM. This means our eLearning can be undertaken on any third party LMS, without the need for manual uploading.

Connect employees to their learning

Trainor's proprietary LMS enables employees to take ownership of their own learning. The self-service option allows a link to courses to be shared with employees by email. Customers can add logos and text, and customise rules for course access.

Easy, customisable, and safe.

Greater levels of reporting

Trainor's proprietary LMS helps customers keep up to date with real-time information on course completions, diplomas, and course expirations. A full overview of all courses and the associated users can be viewed in a customer’s own portal, which also provides options to send reminders, edit user information and view purchase history.

Retaining customers
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Review overall competencies

The competency overview on our LMS provides HR and training managers with a snapshot of competencies required across their organisation, along with employee skills gaps. This overview reassures customers that their employees have developed the necessary competencies for their role and are compliant with health and safety requirements.

Digital solutions

All in service of the training

A good LMS keeps the courses front and center. That’s why course participants never have to remember logins, passwords, secret questions or anything like that when taking a Trainor course. All they have to do is click a link in their e-mail and get ready to travel into a world of learning.

There is always time for training with offline courses

Take courses and diplomas on the go with the Trainor app. All courses are available for download to make sure there is no downtime when personnel is waiting for assignments or travelling between sites.