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Who needs Ex Fundamentals?

Anyone who has to perform work deemed hazardous should know about explosive protection, choice of equipment and the dangers that are present in a hazardous area. Even minor errors can have major consequences when working with explosive equipment.

Ex fundamentals electro

Ex Fundamentals for electrical personnel

Tailored for electricians, automators, engineers, engineering personnel, manufacturers and suppliers of Ex-equipment.

Work on mechanical motor in hazardous area

Ex Fundamentals for non-electrical personnel

Tailored for mechanics, operators, craftsmen, instrument personnel and everyone else who will do a job in a hazardous area.

Who needs the Ex Fundamentals course?

Anyone working in hazardous will get necessary knowledge, so that they can carry out their work in a responsible manner. They must be able to perform maintenance on existing equipment, select and install equipment, so that
explosion safety is ensured.

The course is based on the the EN ISO 80079-36, EN ISO 80079-37, EN 1127-1, EN IEC 60079-14, EN IEC 60079-17, ATEX Directives, and will help to document competence, which is required by law to be done for everyone who will work in a hazardous area in FHOSEX §9 and §14.

Electrical, automation and other personnel working in or designing electrical or non-electrical installations in hazardous areas. The course applies to personnel working in onshore facilities, offshore and ships.

What is included in the Ex Markings course?

Basic Ex philosophy; the fire triangle; Ignition sources, common area classification; what to know before entering a hazardous area; marking on Ex-equipment; types of protection; work permits; choice of cables and glands, and more.

In short, everything personnel needs to know when working in hazardous areas.

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