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Working on ex equipment

Marking of electrical Ex equipment

Tailored for electricians, automators, engineers, engineering personnel, manufacturers and suppliers of Ex-equipment.
What Ex marking course do you want to know more about?

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Marking of non-electrical Ex equipment

Tailored for mechanics, operators, craftsmen, instrument personnel and everyone else who will do a job in an Ex-area.
What Ex marking course do you want to know more about?

Who needs to know marking of Ex equipment?

Anyone working in hazardous areas needs to know that the equipment they are using is certified for the area where it's going to be used or installed. This information is given on the equipment's marking plate, but there are frequent revisions to the standards for how the equipment needs to be marked. In this course on Ex-equipment markings for electricians you learn about the most recent standards, and much more.

The course is based on the ISO standards on Ex-marking of equipment, and will help to document competence, which is required by law to be done for everyone who will work in an Ex area in FHOSEX §9 and §14.

The course is suitable for both electrical personnel, mechanics, instrument personnel, craftsmen, equipment suppliers, sandblowers, plumbers, engineering personnel and all other occupational groups who are to carry out their work in hazardous areas.

What is included in the Ex Markings course?

How to read a marking plate; electrical protection types; the certificate reference; markings following the IEC standard and the ATEX directive.

Also included is an introduction to markings on equipment for other industries, a short history of marking standards, and markings on associated equipment and associated apparatus.

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Can I take the same Ex marking course no matter where I work?

No, but we have you covered!
Where in the world you work determines which directives and standards apply. This is why we offer two versions of the course.
If you only work outside of Europe, you should have a look at the international course.

If you also do work in Europe you need the course that also includes ATEX.

Both versions of the courses are available from their product pages.

E-learning Students take courses at home

eLearning makes being safe simpler

eLearning is straight-forward, safe, simple and effective. Workers are often on the move, but you can learn about Ex-equipment markings anywhere and at any time.

  • Use your phone, laptop or tablet
  • Integrated exercises
  • Real situations taken from familiar work situations
  • A practical approach

Try it out now!

Let us make sure your company has the right competence to work in hazardous areas. Contact us and we can help reduce your companies risks involved in Ex work.