Mechanical equipment in EX-areas

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ATEX regulations cover non-electrical (mechanical) equipment.

What does that really mean? Does all mechanical equipment such as manual valves and or larger mechanical components to be installed in a zone 2 or zone 1 have to be Ex-approved and have Ex/ATEX signs? Or by carrying out a risk assessment and implementing the necessary measures (e.g. earth connection, insulation of hot surfaces, etc.) can you use completely normal valves, filters and other components without Ex approval?

(Sorry if the question is not detailed enough. The use of electrical equipment in classified areas is fairly well regulated. But when it comes to mechanical equipment, there may be some uncertainties. How to handle valves and such equipment for use in Ex areas).

This question was originally asked in Norwegian on the Forum and has been translated.

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Ex Markings

Does your company sometimes work in potentially hazardous areas? Is the equipment you're using certified for where it's being used? Ex-equipment markings can be confusing, but ex marking is an area where it's vital your company stays updated. This is why we have created a course explaining the markings on Ex equipment in a way than can easily be understood. Read more.

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