Claim about IP degree and Ex protection

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Have received an allegation concerning IP degree and Ex protection, disagree somewhat, so asking here

1: Degraded IP class is not an interruption to Ex for light, as each part has ignition-proof connections in fittings. The Ex class of the fittings is the switch as well as the ballast and the terminals, the enclosure is only IP protection ( chalmit and Ceag zone 1 equipment)

2:Indicated state Mess result within requirements, no light fittings need to be replaced when they are drained of water if components are not defective or corroded.

Can you provide a sensible answer?

This question was originally asked in Norwegian on the Forum and has been translated.

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Ex Markings

Does your company sometimes work in potentially hazardous areas? Is the equipment you're using certified for where it's being used? Ex-equipment markings can be confusing, but ex marking is an area where it's vital your company stays updated. This is why we have created a course explaining the markings on Ex equipment in a way than can easily be understood. Read more.

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