Surface temperature of EX e equipment

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When using Ex e equipment, calculations have been made of how high a surface temperature can be attained at a maximum throughput in the equipment. Normally Exe equipment is delivered with a max. ambient temperature of 40 degrees.

Based on what we have found in the documentation, a new ambient temperature must be stated on the Ex e equipment if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

Our systems are in zone 2, Gas group IIB, and we have an analysis cabinet that has up to 60 degrees with Ex e equipment. Does this mean that all EX e equipment in the cabinet must have a new (Ta) ambient temperature applied?

Does this mean that we can only use equipment with temperature class T4,T5,T6?

We will confirm that an EX e connection box marked with (Ta) of 50 degrees cannot be used at a higher temperature.

This question was originally asked in Norwegian on the Forum and has been translated.

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