Clocks, smartwatches and similar offshore

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Watches come in a wide range, from those costing almost nothing from Ebay, to luxurious designs worth six-figure digits. Basic wrist watches have not been a theme in Ex areas. Although most watches do not have any evidence that they can be used in Ex areas.

So-called smartwatches/sport watches have appeared on the market in more recent years. They have a wide variety of functions and designs. Most are waterproof to tens of metres and often charge wirelessly. These are also not supplied with any documentation to say they can be used in Ex areas.

Often, there is no full explanation as to why a regular watch can be used, but not a smartwatch.

I have a solid electrical background and have worked quite a lot with regulations/standards, but do not have an explanation for this whenever I have been asked. I clearly see the paradox, but have chosen to explain that Smartwatches etc. have no Ex documentation, and a line has to be drawn somewhere. Do you have anything more exhaustive?

This question was originally asked in Norwegian on the Forum and has been translated.

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