Ex Fundamentals For Electrical Personnel

Learn to work safely in hazardous areas. Courses for electrical professionals who perform work in onshore facilities, ships and offshore.

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Objectives of Ex Fundamentals For Electrical Personnel

After completing the training, the participants shall have acquired the necessary knowledge about electrical installations in hazardous areas, so that they can carry out installations and perform inspection and maintenance in a safe manner.

Who needs Ex Fundamentals For Electrical Personnel?

Electrical, automation and other personnel working in or designing electrical installations in hazardous areas. The course applies to personnel working in onshore facilities, offshore and ships outside the Europe.

Subjects covered in Ex Fundamentals For Electrical Personnel

  • Basic Ex philosophy
  • The fire triangle
  • Ignition sources, the 5 most common
  • Area classification
  • What do you need to know before entering a hazardous area?
  • Marking on Ex-equipment - how to read it?
  • Types of protection - how is equipment made safe to use?
  • Work permits
  • Choice of cables and glands
  • Earth systems in hazardous areas
  • Selection of motors for hazardous areas
  • Inspection and maintenance, introduction

The course is based on the IEC 60079 series (product standards), IEC 60079-10, IEC 60079-14, IEC 60079-17 and EN 1127-1.


Internationally and on ships, the standards IEC 60079-14 require documentation of competence for those who are responsible for Ex areas, those who select and install Ex equipment and those who design Ex facilities. The standard IEC 60079-17 requires documented competence for responsible persons and technical personnel with a leading function, as well as operational technicians and technicians who carry out inspections and maintenance.

Technical information

System requirements

Recommended minimum connection speed is 1.5 Mbps. If you experience problems while running the course, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.


VAT is not included. . .

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Great course! Nice visualization of issues and examples with good animations and a pleasant voice over.

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